About Me

Hey! My name is Joseba Elorza.

I was born in Vitoria-Gasteiz, a small city in the Basque Country, Spain. I studied to become a sound technician and later spent a couple of unfruitful years in art school. It was all this synesthesic hodgepodge where MiraRuido sprang from; I used to spend the morning as a sound thechnician in a radio station and the evening working on collages. Sight gradually took over hearing, and presently I’m making a living as an illustrator and animator. I’ve done illustrations for clients like Wall Street JournalEsquire or Hollywood Reporter and animations for National Geographic, Amazon Studios and Green Day among others.

And what does "MiraRuido" mean?

Well, it’s just the union of two Spanish words:
Mira” = “look, see”
Ruido” = “noise”.

My Clients

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